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E-GT Challenge - TV Coverage.

Yet more amazing news for my Canadian Partner's at E-GT ... It is with enthusiasm that we announce that the eGT3 Challenge Championship will be rebroadcast on the channel "@ ES1 The eSport channel ′′ (/) on conventional television. ES1 specializes in French-speaking Gaming content and is available on the majority of cable operators in Quebec, as well as in all other French-speaking countries / regions around the world (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, Monaco, etc.). ))

These will include the first Quebec content broadcast biweekly on the ES1 channel and especially the first virtual racing championship in Canada, which is featured in its entirety on a ′′ traditional ′′ television channel.

You will understand that this news is a big step in the progress of the series. Not wanting to get away from webcasts, we want to put forward the virtual race like it's never been before. In addition to joining a very large 'Gaming' spectator market, this broadcast will make it easier for car racing lovers who want to follow our championship from the comfort of their living room, as they are used to doing with actual races.

The streaming schedule and other details will be announced during the week, but the main rebroadcast of the race is expected to take place the Friday following the live race, along with other rebroadcasts that will also be scheduled on the schedule. Here are the channels to find the ES1 channel according to your cable service: Bell TV Fibe: 157 (HD) and 1157 (HD) | Bell Alt TV: 157 | Illicit video: 777 (HD) | Helix Video: 220 (HD)) Such a privilege to be a part of this and what great news for them as a community and Sim racing as a Sport. Congratulations guys ...